I dream.

Optimistic visions, circumstances which I want to become the reality one day. I dream a country where acrid trench of explosives will be extinct, a placid place where education will get momentum, a nation which would be idealized.  You’ll say I am a visionary, but I say that I am not the only one.

Becoming a witness of catastrophes, land of my country is surely sterile from hope. It is like idea is planted in every mind that after every heart scorching tragedy, we have to prepare ourselves for the forthcoming bad news. I feel ashamed to state this bitter truth that media is equivalent responsible for creating this specific mindset. I am not any certified critique and I also appreciate the job of media presenters to deliver news and to sacrifice everything for the sake of this important duty. Media: the pillar of country’s representation, is it their obligation to break news after news about every single bad occurrence in the country. Is it necessary to spice up things just to obtain higher ratings? Ask yourself. From highlighting rape cases to making fun of cabinet members, why they don’t find any cheering moment in our nation, I confess still there are many reasons to feel proud at.

Our outstanding students won the International debating competition amongst students of 125 countries, making their country Proud, making everyone realize how much extraordinary potential is hidden in our generation. And there is only a typical headline about this big event, nothing more. Mostly   Morning shows who create tower of babble by conversing on stupid issues, do they completely forget about to appreciate lighter and positive sides of our nation. An aged fourteen kid got first position in test held in Australia, and media give minimum coverage to such shinning stars of our nation. List goes on of achievements but media is busy in making higher TRP’S.

I dream one day dejected clouds would be vanished and a sun rise will mark the new dawn. I dream one day this rising youth will set the examples, will make a history and will bring revolution to our grief stricken nation. One day every kid will become Malala Yousufzai, Ibrahim Shahid, Arfa Kareem and Ali Moeen Nawazish. INSHA ALLAH.

You’ll say I am a visionary but I say I am not the only one.


5 thoughts on “I dream.

  1. hats off.. very hopeful.. I totally agree. And do you know, this is not a mere coincidence that our media is like this?
    “The most lethal instrument used by Neo-Cons in their plan is fear. Fear of getting destroyed, getting killed, getting perished, fear of terrorism and fear of diseases and hunger. But to put that kind of fear into the hearts of masses which can then be used as an excuse to mould foreign policy of US towards their own vested interests, is not an easy job until and unless someone has something spectacularly horrible in his hand to sell to the masses. This is exactly what these neoconservatives always do whenever they come into power. Their biggest ally in this orchestration remains International free media.” quoted from Brasstacks policy paper by farzana shah.

    You are definitely not alone 🙂 Visionary? yes. Because we have a vision beyond. We can see what is being hidden from us. Let’s all have the courage to disregard and refuse what media wants us to believe.

    Media: Pakistanis:
    “You are on fire” “I have plenty of water to put that
    “You are a failed state” ” I have all resources water,food,
    industrial, 60% youth resource
    with potential to achieve any thing
    from scratch. I dont understand
    what kind of a failure is that !
    “Your glass is half empty” ” Its half full”
    “Your night is the darkest” ” that means the dawn is
    “Your enemies are getting “I have Allah (The Strongest) as a
    stronger” friend”

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