Back To School

article-0-0AC7F493000005DC-407_468x328December has greeted us, as we are welcoming tentative cold breeze of Karachi. Start of December is a portent that “pristine days of being sloth, tossing plus turning into bed, never ending appetite for midnight craving and unlimited hours of facebooking” are going to over. After few more vivacious days,* DRUM ROLL PLEASE*, we’d be carrying school bag straps on our shoulders and wearing most innocent expressions on our faces just more than ready to start a new voyage like a good sailor.  🙂

Yes my cheekooz, “Back to School” phrase is very much clichéd  but very perfect here to utilize. As we all know our sessions of university are going to start in January INSHA ALLAH. And once again we all would be following strict routines and tiresome schedule, flapping the pages of books and notes, trying to pay attention at lectures and off course doing assignments. We are following such sporadic routines, I seriously don’t have any idea how would we cope with our new tough routines of tough schools. L

Excited plus nervy at the same time, feeling Goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach, we all have to prepare ourselves for the big school as our future lie on it. Be prepared guys, cause there will be lots of things to vex you around (don’t panic, just kidding).  It’s hackneyed to say, “Stick to the banner of hope and confidence people”. I am damn sure on first day, everybody will be little frightened no matter how much everyone pretend that one is perfectly fine. It’s called HUMAN NATURE cheekooz, nothing bizarre about it. Since this post is getting on serious track, let’s talk about “Back to School Shopping”.

Yes my favorite part! Collect your pocket money and head out for a little shopping. Grab some good sneakers, joggers or trainers. Couple of bags and scarves. Some trendy shirts and plain trousers to go with them. Don’t forget sun block which is most essential. J A lucid phenomenon is that, in the start it would be something like “a fish out of water” but by the time INSHA ALLAH things will settle down. It’s a new journey, another ERA to learn, to explore, and to make new friends. And we should all greet it with very wide grins on our faces (smirk is also fine if you can’t have a very wide grin)

A very best of luck to all my cheekooz, May you excel in your respected fields.Ameen.

P.S : word “cheekooz” is for my all lovely jubbly friends. 🙂


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