“with love………KARACHI”

Standing across the street and watching the liveliness reflecting from crazy traffic to moving shoppers, feeling the aroma of scrumptious street food in the air, hearing chatters and some FILMI music playing in the background….. It is the ordinary street showing the true essence and glimpse of images that what liveliness of KARACHI is all about.

From dharnas to protests, frequent strikes and aggravation by NA MALOOM AFRAD… my beloved Karachi is dueling on these realms. I read somewhere that Karachi is like that old lady who used to be young once. And I laughed at it…I mean seriously?? Let’s not talk about the dominating political party fiasco or the absurd results of elections. Makes me feel sick talking on these sites. I wonder people have just so much time to castigate every teeny tiny bad happening here. I can’t fathom why so much craziness to create hype? C’mon MAN just come out of that damn box.

But still it’s the city of people who raise hope, who can’t tolerate a single word against “city of lights”, who are persistent on the immense power of DUA. And I believe it’s because of them Karachi is still young.  🙂

I am a firm believer Karachi is still love for all the karachities  (true ones). From graffiti to rickshaw shaiery, thalley wali aaloo chat to some unhygienic sugarcane juice, port grand to do darya and our so own SUMANDAR, there’s no place like KARACHI.

INSHA ALLAH things will be better, don’t stop to make dua.

Aik muhabb-e-watan sherey… :*


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