Writing – it is truly the form of another cathartic art. It is the way to de stress. Creating something through words is always a wonderful experience. Train of thoughts, roller coaster of emotions, deep perceptions, some picturesque sites, inspirations or tiny bulbs of ideas may serve as the main elements to create some innovative piece of writing. And I prefer one’s very own style of writing is the CHEMICAL ‘X’ element to it. A kind of talent which is the source for the production of something novel and unique. Describing feelings and emotions, situations, characterizing personalities, construction of plot, forming articles and the list goes on….. All in one is a single course. For someone it’s a passion, for any other fellow it could be only psychological therapy and for some mate, it’s a job (a tough one)

“and believe me , best pieces are written , only that comes from within ones heart .. without any scheduled timed pressures and restriction of forms .. writing is flow of creativity .. sometimes and for some people its outburst of emotions .. for some its rozi roti .. so for the rozi roti people , they ‘need’ readers ……. Rest are free souls. Amen.”

P.S: Ma’am ANDALEEB a bundle of thanks to you for the discussion we did on this post, I have quoted your comment above.  🙂


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