Review on Raanjhanaa


Emotions so pure, feelings so real, love redefined – Raanjhanaa will melt your heart. A story so enormously packed with all those eminent elements required to create a masterpiece. One will laugh at those punch lines possessing BANARSI accent, will surely enjoy the MASTI of KUNDAN and his clan and shed tears as the story takes some serious edgy turns. Storyline, characters, soundtracks all are just BRAVO…… especially the character of KUNDAN played by DHANUSH has given the spark plus vintage style to the movie. This man has done a wonderful job, from accentuating banarsi accent to delivering some heart touching scenes through remarkable acting skills… simply Dhanush has won hearts of masses. His on screen chemistry with beautiful Sonam Kapoor playing zoya is sizzling. Her elegant style, aggression has beautified the on screen character. Sonam has played the character of a Muslim girl whose mind set takes turns from childhood to adolescence, but on the other hand MAST kundan is still the same…. Crazy and passionate about only love of his life; “Zoya”.

Story actually starts showing the archaic streets and culture of the city BANARAS where kundan and zoya lives. Zoya is sent to different city when her parents find out her interest in a non Muslim young boy. Story takes a full swing with the return of zoya and kundan persuading her to remember the divine love through funny tactics which zoya refuses (some punch lines are so lovely, especially “feel hi dai de”). Story takes a serious turn with the introduction of another lead with macho like personality-a born leader. Track of the story takes a roller coaster of emotions and after while a very serious note. Including background of struggling novel Indian political party, inner monopoly, prejudice, hatred and undying love. I feel detest against the writer for making the lively character of KUNDAN a complete brutal victim of the story line. 😦

All over Raanjhanaa is a must watch. Directions, cinematography and songs are outstanding. Mentor of music A.R REHMAN has composed the songs giving the cherry on the top effect. (Clichéd but so perfect to say). It will be loved.

P.S. it’s my first review ever. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review on Raanjhanaa

  1. wooohoo cool !! seems gr8 story (y) .. i’ll must watch it .. although i hv listend its title song nd lovd that 😀

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