Kick Out The Blues

Grey days, blue moments and melancholic times, we all have them. Sorry my peeps out there for such a dejected starting to a fresh post here. But it’s that horrendous chapter of a life which one has to face, struggle through and survive. It is not always about blithe eras, perks of being fortunate and pristine happiness. Besides it is also about the accursed happenings, unwelcomed misfortunes and DAMN FAILURES!Life can take a serious turn within the glimpse of an eye, times can be real hard and enigmatic condition of your inner self becomes nothing but a fear and dejectedness growing stronger and deeper. It is surreal that how every single detail acts against you and you’re just left with the big question mark shouting NOW WHAT?

You know what? You have to shout back…. Just “DAMN IT!” Damn the whole scene persistent on ruining your life, making you feel all over miserable, chaotic, stupid and LOW! No, not anyone deserved to be felt that harsh way. One has to be its own Samurai to stand up again, to battle again and to be a WINNER once again. 😉 Release your heroic powers buried deep inside you, rise again, STAND UP AGAIN!

Do not listen to the society-fuss, it will make things worse. Okay accept it, things are hell screwed but you’re the only one to fix them back. Find that one person aka hope-booster in your life, a friend, sibling or a relative. If you don’t have any, (no worries) be your own counselor. Remind your inner voices that “this damn is going to be OVER soon”. Include it in your slow pace routine; things will start getting on the tracks at an accelerated rate. Accentuate the positives, try to be an optimistic person. Take your time out. Be your own best friend, love yourself. ♥. Pray, make lots of dua! Stay focused and start all over again. Victory is around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Kick Out The Blues

  1. Great article ! 🙂 I used to feel this way in the first semester. Though, sometimes still it happens that I start searching for answers to questions I had figured out a few moments ago 😛

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