Road to happiness

Not in mood to fuss today peeps, just scroll down.

  1. take a deep breath, feel fine. MEDITATE.
  2. don’t indulge yourself into those horrendous thoughts, for instance “i am gonna fail!”, “i screwed it up”…. seriously this fuss is not going to fix all of it, so please shut up those creepy voices in your mind.
  3. let go things which are towering up the fiasco. Either last occurred failure (challenge it!) or those bothering individuals around you (just give them a shut up call) . 😛
  4. And do not cry over the split milk, start a new chapter bhaeee.. 🙂
  5. Feel fine and confident. Smile you’ll look BEAUTIFUL!.  ♥
  6. Having a bad day? then appetite is your true calling, damn that dieting schedule and eat loads of your favorite dish. 😉
  7. Appreciate someone. Make someone feel special.
  8. Listen to someone’s version of life; believe me it always feels wonderful to listen new stories.
  9. Talk and talk more.
  10. Hang out with your budds and chillax..
  11. go for that frothy strawberry shake, it’s like drinking happiness.
  12. Read a book. (good novel preferably)
  13. Watch that classic movie from 90’s (yeah, it reminds us that we are finally grown ups.)
  14. Love people around you. Your parents, siblings,teachers and best friends. They need to be realized time by time that they’re love and support has given the boost up  to stand against all odds. they’re REAL LOVELIES.  ♥
  15. Make dua. lots of dua. Have faith in HIM. May ALLAH give us the power to overcome problems in our lives and to spread happiness! AMEEN.

be happy my peeps …..moment is yours, live it, cherish it and love it. ♥



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