This Ramadan don’t forget our saviors

Pakistan-zarb-e-azb_6-18-2014_151135_lWhat I perceive about Ramadan; is the NOOR which can be felt during the routine. While offering ibadah, having sahoor before dawn, enduring the appetite and stuffing your faces with the scrumptious iftaar; it is the NOOR of this holy month which keeps us engulfed and contented. And yes my peeps, just before those last minutes of Maghreb azaan when you gaze at the variety of filled platters of delicious food and chilled flasks of drinks; just for a moment try to think about thousands of those brave and courageous soldiers standing at their positions in North Waziristan and regions around it, fearlessly with the immense strength of IMAAN to obliterate the evil and ready to embrace martyrdom. It is their passion, their unbreakable belief to slash the roots of damned terrorists from this paak sar-zameen. To make this land free from the evilness and intruding attacks of TTP.

After having IFTAAR when we sip tea and search through channels in much eased manner, do think about the soldiers who are present at the tribal areas for the long hours of operation duties. Do they get the time to break the fast? Do they find only a sip of water sufficient enough to re-energize? How their families are spending Ramadan without them? It’s all the efforts of our heroes as we sit for the IFTAAR in blithe manner having the hope still alive in our hearts that INSHA ALLAH it is all going to be peaceful again. Powers of Taliban will be strangled!

It is because of our heroes, that here we will eat and cherish the IFTAAR with the hope that time is near when peace will be reigning in PAKISTAN again. I salute the mothers of soldiers who are brave just as their sons. Sending their sons in fields, they prepare their selves to receive corpses covered with green flags when their mission got victory. This is eternal love, incomparable sacrifice which our land has been witnessing from ages. Their vows, sacrifice and martyrdom to protect this pure land from internal forces of terrorists won’t go in vain. This Ramadan, remember our patriotic saviors in duas, make special duas for them in every ibadah. May their bold efforts and holy sacrifices make Pakistan again a peaceful region! Ameen. Pakistan Zindabad!


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