When the darkness engulfes…..

She stood there; waiting. It was one of the bitter cold nights of December. Darkness of the sky and protruding shadows from every corner sent shivers down her spine. Street was bare creating bizarre silhouette of remote buildings in dim-lighted streetlamps. She overcame her fear, readjusted lace strap on her uncovered shoulder. “Any minute now”…. Saying this she again started waiting for her 1st hook-up of the night. She glossed her red lips again and started strolling on the sideways.

It was getting colder with every minute, icy breeze was piercing through her exposed skin; but she didn’t care. Tired up she stood beneath the streetlamp, Shade of orange shined over her dyed hair.

Was it oblivion or someone was really appearing from the dark corner? She tried to look as the ghostly shadow emerged and kept growing bigger towards where she was standing. Started shivering she fought herself not to feel the cold breeze which again blew. Shadow became real. He was stern but his eyes had warmness, his beard had dark brown shade just like his deep eyes. She looked at him, flipped her hair and smiled towards him. Just when she opened her mouth to speak, he started taking off his leather jacket and handed over to her. “You need this.” Saying this he turned away and disappeared into the darkness once again.