and i keep writing :)

okay, now this is something interesting… days back i had this conversation with my elder bro (read nemesis) and it went something like this..

bro: “have you stopped blogging?”…

me: “Nahi tou”… 

bro: “lately I didn’t come across any of your posts, so thought shaggy might have given up on WordPress”.. 

me: “uuuhhhhh……. pause*”

bro:” C’mon keep updating it, and don’t start whining (read RONA big time) about schedule right now”

me: “when did you read my work RICHARD PARKER ?”..

bro: “don’t know exactly, but jitna bhi hai, acha hai!”

and on that note, I was seriously about to faint with surprise… Innnniiii khushi hui naaaww ke bss!! And here I am now.

Can not believe it’s been almost a year since I last blogged, Oh my bloggie I dearly missed you. You awesome AWESOME thing in my life… (yes truly awesome, you don’t need to tell me it’s not cool enough :P). 

so life’s good  ‘Alhamdulillah’ and third of engineering…… (*looks right, looks left, IGNORES*). Nothing’s much changed just have this goal in mind to keep updating posts here so this blog doesn’t appear LA WAARIS.. :p 

lots of love <3, peace! 


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