When the darkness engulfes…..

She stood there; waiting. It was one of the bitter cold nights of December. Darkness of the sky and protruding shadows from every corner sent shivers down her spine. Street was bare creating bizarre silhouette of remote buildings in dim-lighted streetlamps. She overcame her fear, readjusted lace strap on her uncovered shoulder. “Any minute now”…. Saying this she again started waiting for her 1st hook-up of the night. She glossed her red lips again and started strolling on the sideways.

It was getting colder with every minute, icy breeze was piercing through her exposed skin; but she didn’t care. Tired up she stood beneath the streetlamp, Shade of orange shined over her dyed hair.

Was it oblivion or someone was really appearing from the dark corner? She tried to look as the ghostly shadow emerged and kept growing bigger towards where she was standing. Started shivering she fought herself not to feel the cold breeze which again blew. Shadow became real. He was stern but his eyes had warmness, his beard had dark brown shade just like his deep eyes. She looked at him, flipped her hair and smiled towards him. Just when she opened her mouth to speak, he started taking off his leather jacket and handed over to her. “You need this.” Saying this he turned away and disappeared into the darkness once again.


Aunt Bilquees


I clicked another picture of beautiful, drop dead gorgeous bride. Wearing traditional red she was smiling shyly and looked happy, surely it was the day of her happily ever after. 🙂

Someone from behind tapped my left shoulder,I turned around and found Aunt Bilquees calmly smiling at me.The rim of her  half moon spectacles was gleaming and behind those glasses her honey colored eyes also seemed to smile. Her beige colored skin was filled with more wrinkles since last time I met her.

“Aunt Bilquees!” my voice all of a sudden got filled with happiness and I hugged her.

“Long time, bachay…. how are you? look at you, you’ve grown an inch or two since we last met.”

“I am good, but you are looking little feeble. Still taking your meds?”

“Oh! your Aunt is just aging, nothing much. And how’s everything going? You’ve become much tanned”

*And somewhat I knew this was coming, series of questions giving me the updated reality checks about myself*

“Yes, but does that even matter?”

*Heard my mind whispering… to some extend yes it surely DOES…..but you don’t have to be fair to be lovely….but what about the society norms…. Oh please, if society norm is all about  accepting those brainless mannequins who parade and sing“ek circle full, ek circle half, adhay minute main chehra saaf” in  fair n lovely advertisement then myself stand with those who badly want to break this stereotype*

“No, it doesn’t….. It just shows you’ve been travelling much in the sun lately, nothing else. It’s been 4 years since we last met.”

“Seriously? thought it was hardly 3”

“You still forget, your Aunt still remembers things more than you do, how cool is that!”

*With that we laughed. I couldn’t believe it’s actually been 4 years since I last talked to her. Felt little gloomy  about the important things which I’ve been keep missing due to jam packed schedule* 

Taking a glance at the decorated stage she again began to say: “so what’s a  plan? Are you next to settle down ?”

“Not yet, do i look like a someone with plan? :P”

“Haha, I know you’ve got some ideas in your head.I may sound old school to you right now but every awesome trend setter idea at first appear little bogus. Work on them. Mark my words, may be someday you’ll get on opportunity to turn them into a reality. For that your homework must be complete.”

“Old school? Nah! You’re the coolest Aunt I’ve ever had. 🙂 “

Road to happiness

Not in mood to fuss today peeps, just scroll down.

  1. take a deep breath, feel fine. MEDITATE.
  2. don’t indulge yourself into those horrendous thoughts, for instance “i am gonna fail!”, “i screwed it up”…. seriously this fuss is not going to fix all of it, so please shut up those creepy voices in your mind.
  3. let go things which are towering up the fiasco. Either last occurred failure (challenge it!) or those bothering individuals around you (just give them a shut up call) . 😛
  4. And do not cry over the split milk, start a new chapter bhaeee.. 🙂
  5. Feel fine and confident. Smile you’ll look BEAUTIFUL!.  ♥
  6. Having a bad day? then appetite is your true calling, damn that dieting schedule and eat loads of your favorite dish. 😉
  7. Appreciate someone. Make someone feel special.
  8. Listen to someone’s version of life; believe me it always feels wonderful to listen new stories.
  9. Talk and talk more.
  10. Hang out with your budds and chillax..
  11. go for that frothy strawberry shake, it’s like drinking happiness.
  12. Read a book. (good novel preferably)
  13. Watch that classic movie from 90’s (yeah, it reminds us that we are finally grown ups.)
  14. Love people around you. Your parents, siblings,teachers and best friends. They need to be realized time by time that they’re love and support has given the boost up  to stand against all odds. they’re REAL LOVELIES.  ♥
  15. Make dua. lots of dua. Have faith in HIM. May ALLAH give us the power to overcome problems in our lives and to spread happiness! AMEEN.

be happy my peeps …..moment is yours, live it, cherish it and love it. ♥