“with love………KARACHI”

Standing across the street and watching the liveliness reflecting from crazy traffic to moving shoppers, feeling the aroma of scrumptious street food in the air, hearing chatters and some FILMI music playing in the background….. It is the ordinary street showing the true essence and glimpse of images that what liveliness of KARACHI is all about.

From dharnas to protests, frequent strikes and aggravation by NA MALOOM AFRAD… my beloved Karachi is dueling on these realms. I read somewhere that Karachi is like that old lady who used to be young once. And I laughed at it…I mean seriously?? Let’s not talk about the dominating political party fiasco or the absurd results of elections. Makes me feel sick talking on these sites. I wonder people have just so much time to castigate every teeny tiny bad happening here. I can’t fathom why so much craziness to create hype? C’mon MAN just come out of that damn box.

But still it’s the city of people who raise hope, who can’t tolerate a single word against “city of lights”, who are persistent on the immense power of DUA. And I believe it’s because of them Karachi is still young.  🙂

I am a firm believer Karachi is still love for all the karachities  (true ones). From graffiti to rickshaw shaiery, thalley wali aaloo chat to some unhygienic sugarcane juice, port grand to do darya and our so own SUMANDAR, there’s no place like KARACHI.

INSHA ALLAH things will be better, don’t stop to make dua.

Aik muhabb-e-watan sherey… :*


Back To School

article-0-0AC7F493000005DC-407_468x328December has greeted us, as we are welcoming tentative cold breeze of Karachi. Start of December is a portent that “pristine days of being sloth, tossing plus turning into bed, never ending appetite for midnight craving and unlimited hours of facebooking” are going to over. After few more vivacious days,* DRUM ROLL PLEASE*, we’d be carrying school bag straps on our shoulders and wearing most innocent expressions on our faces just more than ready to start a new voyage like a good sailor.  🙂

Yes my cheekooz, “Back to School” phrase is very much clichéd  but very perfect here to utilize. As we all know our sessions of university are going to start in January INSHA ALLAH. And once again we all would be following strict routines and tiresome schedule, flapping the pages of books and notes, trying to pay attention at lectures and off course doing assignments. We are following such sporadic routines, I seriously don’t have any idea how would we cope with our new tough routines of tough schools. L

Excited plus nervy at the same time, feeling Goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach, we all have to prepare ourselves for the big school as our future lie on it. Be prepared guys, cause there will be lots of things to vex you around (don’t panic, just kidding).  It’s hackneyed to say, “Stick to the banner of hope and confidence people”. I am damn sure on first day, everybody will be little frightened no matter how much everyone pretend that one is perfectly fine. It’s called HUMAN NATURE cheekooz, nothing bizarre about it. Since this post is getting on serious track, let’s talk about “Back to School Shopping”.

Yes my favorite part! Collect your pocket money and head out for a little shopping. Grab some good sneakers, joggers or trainers. Couple of bags and scarves. Some trendy shirts and plain trousers to go with them. Don’t forget sun block which is most essential. J A lucid phenomenon is that, in the start it would be something like “a fish out of water” but by the time INSHA ALLAH things will settle down. It’s a new journey, another ERA to learn, to explore, and to make new friends. And we should all greet it with very wide grins on our faces (smirk is also fine if you can’t have a very wide grin)

A very best of luck to all my cheekooz, May you excel in your respected fields.Ameen.

P.S : word “cheekooz” is for my all lovely jubbly friends. 🙂

I dream.

Optimistic visions, circumstances which I want to become the reality one day. I dream a country where acrid trench of explosives will be extinct, a placid place where education will get momentum, a nation which would be idealized.  You’ll say I am a visionary, but I say that I am not the only one.

Becoming a witness of catastrophes, land of my country is surely sterile from hope. It is like idea is planted in every mind that after every heart scorching tragedy, we have to prepare ourselves for the forthcoming bad news. I feel ashamed to state this bitter truth that media is equivalent responsible for creating this specific mindset. I am not any certified critique and I also appreciate the job of media presenters to deliver news and to sacrifice everything for the sake of this important duty. Media: the pillar of country’s representation, is it their obligation to break news after news about every single bad occurrence in the country. Is it necessary to spice up things just to obtain higher ratings? Ask yourself. From highlighting rape cases to making fun of cabinet members, why they don’t find any cheering moment in our nation, I confess still there are many reasons to feel proud at.

Our outstanding students won the International debating competition amongst students of 125 countries, making their country Proud, making everyone realize how much extraordinary potential is hidden in our generation. And there is only a typical headline about this big event, nothing more. Mostly   Morning shows who create tower of babble by conversing on stupid issues, do they completely forget about to appreciate lighter and positive sides of our nation. An aged fourteen kid got first position in test held in Australia, and media give minimum coverage to such shinning stars of our nation. List goes on of achievements but media is busy in making higher TRP’S.

I dream one day dejected clouds would be vanished and a sun rise will mark the new dawn. I dream one day this rising youth will set the examples, will make a history and will bring revolution to our grief stricken nation. One day every kid will become Malala Yousufzai, Ibrahim Shahid, Arfa Kareem and Ali Moeen Nawazish. INSHA ALLAH.

You’ll say I am a visionary but I say I am not the only one.

I say Mango, but its not that what you think.

“Mangoes” have become a touchstone for new terminologies. For instance, in many scenes and situations mangoes refer to common people or usual articles. In this pretext If you remember the famous beats of classic song “KEH DENA” by Alamgir whose catchy remake by Canadian artist Kristie Yung  have been aired on for last three or four months, is OST (original sound track) of yet another famous PAK Canadian TV  series called Mangoes. It’s very aloof in the list of titles I must say. Another exciting novel usage of this fruit name has been observed in promotion of local brands. In the summers of year 2011 a brand name in Karachi called “Mango People” was introduced. This local brand under the yellow banner showcased very youthful t-shirts conveying short but inspiring messages with splash of different colors. In general sense, mango people refer to common people who live common routines and have so much in common! Mango itself is not only a fruit name but its provision of new pristine meanings and exact encoding of some scenes is very bizarre plus true.


There is so much to scribble on the hottest season of the year. Yes people as summer is on its peak, we all are struggling to keep our minds cool , helping ourselves to fight with ominous   load shedding and off course finding new ways to chill to uplift our dejected mood .

Back in school we used to write an essay on “the hot day of summer” which usually starts with a story line of young kid buying ice from ice depot , father returning tired from his work place with high temper and power break down creates sweaty environment all over the house. At the end of the day family go to the beach and have the perfect ending for their pathetic day…………….Oh please!  What would you do if you face such circumstances daily? We can’t go to the beach daily and have the “perfect end”. According to me, rise of human impatience is the gift of summers in Karachi. In Karachi summer brings intensive heat, long afternoons, and hours of torture by power break down, vacations (releasing wild children), sometimes boredom and MANGOES . attention all driver, try to avoid staring the bill boards presenting gorgeous models showing off their lawn prints….. remember you are on drive.

But what I love about summers is that it brings plenty of leisure time…. One can plan a party week with your fun loving friends and cousins… lit the candles in night time when there is absence of electricity and start partying. Believe me I am not on envisioning, I mean it. And who does not love mangoes here? Eat mangoes and enjoy its sugary flavor till you start getting pimples. C’mon who cares!

You can watch movies, read heavy novel, start a little garden, net surfing and there are plenty of things out there to give them a go. Its summer time, try to ignore the heat and keep yourself chill.


My mom  and  i planned a visit to phenomenal plus pristine JUMRAT  BAZAAR.  Yes my fellows , I  am talking  about  those interesting bazaars which majestically appear at the road side on a fixed day every week and next day they are vanished like they never existed. Bazaars possess their own world  and charisma inside the ominous tent which covers a massive area providing a suitable ambiance to shop.

I hereby profess myself is not very fond of shopping . I salute all those ladies who patrol through the entire shopping mall or eminent bazaar just for the sake of matching laces. 



As we reached bazaar at 4 pm , mouth watering aroma was rising from stalls of vendor food. Tasty aroma of hot bun kababs and chat masala welcomed all the shoppers. Besides, loud noises of rickshaws , acrid trench of smoke and hustle bustle was present announcing the lively noon of KARACHI. I Entered inside the charismatic utopia of bazaar. Readers  would say that i am a visionary but I encounter a whole new world inside . Ceilings were high , aisles of different stalls were present. Some shopkeepers  set their shop items on the floor and were zealous about the profit. In laces stall, many laces were  hanged to the ceiling and coming down as a little water fall.  Imagine waterfalls of different colors stitched with stars , motifs and threads……… so lovely.  Stalls and floor shops of everything you can tackle.

One thing i should mention,  making your way through busy shoppers you’ll find some adamant kid compelling her mother to buy some lame toy, a little kidd holding  her mother’s pinky crying for no reason , a fat lady pushing everyone aside like a wrestler while walking . these annoying conditions you’ll find in every bazaar. bet on it!

And yes off course………… how can i forget the most important weapon of  all shopkeepers “‘TOUTING” . seems like every shopkeeper has got certified degree about touting about their  shop products.  voices would follow you “bajee , bajee double pair of socks for only 15 rs”  believe me , sometimes it really annoys that a man 20 years older than yourself calling you aunty or bajee. But i must mention this whole touting thing is doing a useful work which billboards are failed to  advertise on busy roundabouts.

Bazaars are part and part of lively noons of KARACHI and  with that i sign off.


Combination of adventure and enjoyment , archaic places and novel trends , loudness and boldness , eminent and common , funters and geeks!!!  Karachi- concrete jungle where dreams come true , desires plus wishes are made ‘ relationship develops and friendship grooms.

One will surely experience metamorphosis , get enchanted in a way to love its people. Roads and cities of  Karachi talk to the riders . Hoardings are responsible for the provision of Pakistani beauty all over the city. The sound of Karachi is the sound of generators , ambulances , gun shots , auto rickshaws , fire crackers , riots , protests , celebrations and festivity. “city of lights” with lots and lots of noises ad lively traffic.

Heard that BOOM BOOM?  It is the loud music playing on the stereo , being source of enjoyment to the people passing by. See that bunch of university students? basically they are collecting donations for flood victims.  See that wall chalking and graffiti  ……….. well it is likely the biggest assets of  Karachi , which promote addresses  from  ASTANAS  to well known academies. Well do you now recognize their importance eh?

Beach of the city is not extraordinary , but we own it ,that’s the best thing about it. On weekends all ; all traffic go nuts , noise pollution touch the limits , cinemas get house fulled , shopping malls are packed with shoppers and most of all social activities are on its peak.

Scenario of Karachi is benefactor citizens , blithe youth , beautiful moon nights , glittering smiles , noises , food culture , people , officials and traffic jams . but, one thing we all know that “we own Karachi